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Zoo Valdosta GA. A photo of Fifth Day Farm Logo

Meet Our Local Celebrities in Valdosta

Our Animals on the Farm

Our animals have become quite famous among locals and visitors alike. Some have gotten their names along with photos in the local news, as they spread plenty of love, cheer, and healings to those that need a pick-me-up.

Some say that when they rescue an animal, the animal rescues them. Well, we can tell you that the healing power of all of our animals, especially those that have been rescued, have helped many put a smile on their faces and boosted their souls too.

There are many reasons that folks visit our farm. Some are looking for breathtaking photographs that Janet takes. Others are looking for a great Yoga workout. Groups come to the farm for field trips, birthday parties, and reunions. While others come to get away from it all and get back in touch with nature. They come to pet and maybe even feed our animals. Everyone leaves with their spirits lifted and their hearts filled with love.

Things to do Valdosta. A movie camera icon
Charles Royal Palm Turkey. A photo of Janet with Charles theTurkey

Charles, the Royal Palm turkey, is also a farm favorite He follows visitors around and we tell them Charles is the tour guide

Attractions in Valdota. A photo of two pigs at Fifth Day Farm

Kune Kune pigs, George & Rosemary.

Cow Cuddling. A phot of Zeke cuddling with a boy

Cow Cuddling with Zeke. Zeke is well known for his cuddle time with guests. We think he loves it just as much as the guests do.

Diesel the pig. A photo of our rescue pig

Diesel, the rescue pig, that loves to flirt with the guest.

Finn the Goat. A photo of Flinn chillin at Goat Yoga

Finn is a crowd favorite here at the farm. He is a rescue that was brought to us last year, after someone shot his mother. Finn is very friendly and loves people.

Chip & Deacon. A photo of the Hendley's with a lama and their dog.

Chip is our rescue llama and he is a favorite for llama selfies and photoshoots Deacon is our male Great Pyrenees, he is also one of the people's choices for bear hugs.

Mini Cow. A photo of a young man with Moonpir, our mini cow at Fifth Day Farm

Moonpie, the mini cow.

Mini Cow. A photo of Mootilda at Fifth Day Farm with a guest.

Mootilda is another farm favorite, she is a mini High Park.

Goat snuggling with a guest at Fifth Day Farm

Pumpkin Snuggles.

Mini Cow at Fifth Day Farm

Zeke, the mini Zebu, has been here since he was a few weeks old. He is also a favorite.

Tank is our African Sulcata tortoise, he is also a rescue and crowd favorite.

Local attraction. A photo of our mini cow being fed by a little cow.

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